From Coast to Coast, Grey Peak works with cities, governmental entities, corporations, and property owners to plan and revitalize land, buildings, parks, retention basins, military bases, airports, and manufacturing facilities. We believe that visions for development and redevelopment are best achieved through public and private partnerships with a single developer. Grey Peaks success and proven ability to execute large-scale, mixed-use developments is based on our experience in customizing our role to best meet the long-term needs of our customers.

The team at Grey Peak can help conceptualize and produce site plans that will be approved in entitlement, and construction plans are approved by local municipalities and government entities. As a developer, we create value through site identification, by procuring optimal entitlements, and directing the design, construction, and leasing of assets and position them to achieve maximum value & usability. 

When it’s time to break ground, our team can manage all construction aspects of turnkey development including pipeline. No matter the project type or pipeline load, we will handle all aspects of development or acquisitions, helping strengthen deals, rounding out the team, and giving greater confidence to the partners involved and their clients. 

Retail Developments

Office Developments

Industrial Developments